Women’s U.S. Open - No Red Numbers Needed

Posted by Mark on July 10th, 2010


My brother Dan, caddying for Tamie Durdin this week, moaned about the greens, rough and weather. The long hitter “Durds” was struggling in the practice rounds but fired a two opener and made the cut tied for 36th. “There’s no reason for the standard bearers to carry any red numbers after the first day” he said. “Absolutely the toughest U.S. Open track he’s ever been on in his 25+ caddy years, someone could hurt themselves out here,” he sighed.

Farmers Insurance Open - Caddy View

Posted by Mark on January 29th, 2010

San Diego may be a top tourist destination with Torrey Pines perched high on the public course list but it’s not a favorite stop for caddies. Over the years it’s been a tough walk in sloppy conditions and the temperature can be 40 degrees with howling winds along the South course coast while sunny and warm on the North course. It’s a tough place to pull a club and find a sprinkler head, they never bothered putting numbers on the heads and the circling winds, heavy air, and subtle elevation changes leave many Titleists great distances from the target.

Looking for Work after the Firing

Posted by Mark on July 14th, 2009

Searching for Work after the Firing

A couple of days on Mackinac Island were good for the soul, I hated to leave, but a new job search was necessary. The PGA was in the Quad Cities and the Champions Tour was in Minnesota, I figured I could split my week and talk to a few guys on each tour. We headed for Illinois on Sunday, arrived Monday evening after checking on my van in Milwaukee, and spent a couple of days roaming the parking lot, practice facility, and clubhouse area talking with anyone who would listen.

Payne Stewart - U.S Open Memories

Posted by Mark on June 17th, 2009

Everyone remembers where they were when JFK was shot; when the Space Shuttle exploded; and, 9/11. October 25, 1999, the day Payne Stewart’s plane made that eerie flight across the Midwest, every golfer and fan turned to the TV, hoping the news wasn’t correct. We had just finished the Kaanapali Classic in Hawaii, and were relaxing on a boat off the Maui coast. A day of sun, fun, snorkeling, and fishing was disrupted by the news from PGA Tour headquarters.

Masters - Changes at Augusta

Posted by Mark on April 9th, 2009


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Masters – Changes at Augusta

I started this article about 1 o’clock because I wanted it finished before air time. During editing, copying, pasting, and critiquing there was some unfortunate deleting, definitely pilot error. Maybe the Augusta committee was looking over my shoulder and hit the delete button; my comments were not complimentary. I’ve got to blame my miscue on something else, isn’t that what every golfer does after a misplaced shot?

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