LPGA Tour Championship - Houston Fans Saved It

Posted by Mark on November 24th, 2009

By the time I’d gathered my luggage and boarded the Houston-Hobby airport rental car shuttle bus my long sleeve t-shirt was drenched with sweat. Our rather rotund bus driver announced, “Don’t worry honey, you ain’t gonna havta worry about the heat, it’s fixin’ to get real cold this afternoon. I can’t wait; I’m tired of sweating this year.” She was right; Houston experienced some God awful weather the next five days.

PGA Tour Viking Classic - Madison, MS

Posted by Mark on November 2nd, 2009

PGA Tour Viking Classic – Madison, MS

It was a long drive for a Monday pro-am and watching a divots all week. I caught the 11 0’clock ferry Sunday morning and pulled into Annandale CC about 10:30 Monday morning. The pro-am went off as scheduled with carts on path only because of wet conditions; it was the only thing that went off as scheduled all week. We decided, well Willie decided, to walk the course. I was a tired puppy when I showed up at my in-laws by marriage, Brad and Joni Garrison, that night.

Nationwide Tour - Scranton, PA with Willie Wood

Posted by Mark on September 1st, 2009

Hey all,

There weren’t any jobs on the island so I caught the 9:30 ferry Monday morning and headed for Scranton, PA. None of my calls were returned but hopefully there would be a job waiting for me. After 800 miles I arrived at the Rodeway Inn in Moosic, PA and made plans for an early parking lot crusade the next morning. My buddy Rodney made the room reservation, and I was kind of stuck without a place to stay, but after a few days I realized this just might be the worst hotel I’ve stayed in quite awhile. Oh well, life on the road has its ups and downs.

Cast of Caddy Characters

Posted by Mark on April 20th, 2009

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Most of them are all gone now. In the late 80’s the characters were still aboard the PGA Tour’s traveling circus. Convicts, conmen, de-filed lawyers, drunks, bums, shysters, hippies, rastafarians; all walks of life were carrying bags for professional golfers. Brother James, Lost Lee, Penitentiary “Work with me” Larry (he had a bunch of names), Golfball, Big Lee, ol’ Lee Lynch, Hobo, the Russian, Levi, One Armed Mikey, Dolph, Fluff, Boats, Egal; I’ll add to the list as we go on.

Masters Memories

Posted by Mark on April 6th, 2009

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My first year on tour, 1988, I went to the Mississippi Masters in Hattiesburg, MS instead of the real deal. I picked up Mike Nicolette in the Waffle House parking lot, spent the days caddying and watching the Masters telecast whenever possible. The caddies would gather at the motel bar, watch the tube, and share Augusta stories. Nobody wanted to be in Hattiesburg; everyone’s heart was at Augusta National. Next year, I’d be there, hopefully.

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