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Champions Tour Caddy Travels and Travails

The 2011 Champions Tour is getting ready to start next week for me. A few teed it up in Hawaii two weeks ago and the top players entertained us with a Champions Skin game at Kaanapali last weekend. In the 90s we would embark on a forty plus tournament schedule each year, we’ve been whittled down to 27-28 events these days. Tiger and Finchem have stolen the glitter and a few tournaments from us and the big names have retired to corporate golf making a lot more money with less effort.

Waste Mangement Open Picks - TPC Scottsdale

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My Torrey Pines picks looked pretty good going into the weekend and not bad entering the last round but Haas floundered, Tiger was beat by a high-school kid, both letting one of my second foursome picks, Bubba Watson, the other lefty, sneak in for a win. He was in my fantasy league don’t know why I didn’t carry him along here. Anyway it wasn’t a bad week for Kaddy Korner, poor Tiger has a long way to go though.


PGA Tour Wives Help Clean Local Beach

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Beach Cleanup at Farmers Open in San Diego, CA


January 28, 2011

At every tour stop local charities benefit more than anyone and the players, wives, caddies and volunteers love helping out. We often don’t hear about the activities but the wives do a little more than spend their days shopping while hubby is grinding during practice days. Check out the PGA Tour Player’s Wives Association, see what they do for charitable benefits.


By Shauna Matteson

Sony Open - Facts, Stories, and Predictions

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Sony Open – Predictions, Facts, and Stories

Just after John Houston waylaid Waialae with his sister on the bag in 1998 Seth Raynor’s track has been quite daunting. The PGA Tour mandated changes, now fairways are difficult to hit, the rough is basically unplayable, the 30-40 mph crosswinds wreak havoc with club selection and putting the grainy greens treacherous. Newcomers think they are going to enjoy the Hawaiian sun and tear up this short layout. They’ll get a nice tan, only the veterans shoot numbers in the teens.

LPGA Tour Championship - Houston Fans Saved It

Posted by Mark on November 24th, 2009

By the time I’d gathered my luggage and boarded the Houston-Hobby airport rental car shuttle bus my long sleeve t-shirt was drenched with sweat. Our rather rotund bus driver announced, “Don’t worry honey, you ain’t gonna havta worry about the heat, it’s fixin’ to get real cold this afternoon. I can’t wait; I’m tired of sweating this year.” She was right; Houston experienced some God awful weather the next five days.

Caddy For A Cure Charity

Posted by Mark on November 3rd, 2009

If you haven’t heard of Caddy for a Cure yet, you likely will this upcoming 2008 PGA TOUR season. As a professional golf fan, a lover of the sport, the family member, friend or associate of a golfer, it’s one of the most exciting opportunities in professional sports to take advantage of. And for those who have already experienced Caddy for a Cure, the planning and anticipation for the next opportunity is filling calendars, conversations and gift lists.

British Open Stange Events and Tom Watson’s Lesson to All

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Strange Happenings at British Open

We all watched the drama on TV and listened to the announcers explain Watson’s incredible run for the Claret Jug, but the last few days at Glen Abbey I got a better look from the guys inside the ropes. Sitting around the old Dorfman estate turned monastery turned golf course I watched and listened to everyone walking alongside Watson on the weekend. Matthew Goggin, Steve Marino, and their caddies witnessed history, almost. Every time they spoke about their experience a small crowd of caddies, players, and volunteers gathered, listening intently. We couldn’t get enough; we almost witnessed the greatest achievement in golf.

Kaddy Korner - Hilton Head

Posted by Mark on April 21st, 2009

I’ve been writing Kaddy Korner for the Mellen Weekly Record, a small town in northern Wisconsin, since June 2006. Last week was twenty years of memories scrunched into two days; it was very bittersweet. At this point I’m not sure if I can continue writing the weekly article because I’m not caddying on the PGA Tour. There are no current stories to be told at the moment, and I’m not sure Kaddy Korner can live on memories, no one can. This may be the last weekly article but I’ll still right some stories for the blog site. I’ve put together a collection of the Best of Kaddy Korner - 2007 on YouPublish.com, check it out if you like.

http://www.youpublish.com/files/17832    Kaddy Korner - Life and Times on the PGA Tour

Fred Couples and Micah

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First Hole: Learning the Ropes and Having all Sorts of Fun

Posted by Mark on January 29th, 2009

A quick look at my first couple weeks on tour

1988 was a blur, both physically and emotionally. I was escaping from a bit of misery, learning a new occupation, and trying to establish relationships with folks who didn’t want to be bothered with a new kid on the block. The grizzled veterans scoffed at my exuberance and didn’t want some veteran caddy’s brother tugging at their pant legs talking about golf. They had seen it all, done it all, when caddies had it tough. A naive newcomer wasn’t welcomed in the ranks. These guys remembered days “professional caddies” weren’t allowed to work certain tournaments, when there were signs announcing, “public welcome, no caddies allowed.

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