Golf is Back - Happy New Year

Posted by admin on January 3rd, 2011

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and all are looking forward to a wonderful New Year. Since my last Kaddy Korner I’ve acquired a new hip, spent the last three weeks slowly rehabilitating the muscles surrounding the titanium blend ball in my hip socket and making sure the plate bolted to my femur didn’t twist or break. Just after surgery, December 7, carrying a bag seemed like a long way off.

Kaddy Korner - Week Off - Random Golf Thoughts

Posted by Mark on September 14th, 2010

Kaddy Korner – Week Off – Random Golf Thoughts

My $125 Sunday redeye flight from San Jose to Milwaukee stopped in Atlanta and Cincinnati but I was sitting in Wrigley Field at the start of the third inning Monday afternoon. Moira Dunne was calling and texting me needing a caddy in NW Arkansas P&G Classic but I priced myself out of the deal plus she needed someone there sooner than I could drive down. I spent the week visiting Mom and Dad in Havana attending my first Octoberfest in 37 years.


Senior PGA Preparation

Posted by Mark on May 24th, 2010

It’s very frustrating leaving a tournament site when you arrive with high expectations. Birmingham held a lot of special memories, Jim had been working hard, plus his best friend and instructor were planning on a little celebration Sunday night after the win. The best I could do was laundry Sunday evening and then a long rainy drive home Monday. There were no special plans for the week off and when I left Jim he wasn’t sure if was playing the PGA the next week. Sunday afternoons are like that after a smooth 79.

Looking for Work after the Firing

Posted by Mark on July 14th, 2009

Searching for Work after the Firing

A couple of days on Mackinac Island were good for the soul, I hated to leave, but a new job search was necessary. The PGA was in the Quad Cities and the Champions Tour was in Minnesota, I figured I could split my week and talk to a few guys on each tour. We headed for Illinois on Sunday, arrived Monday evening after checking on my van in Milwaukee, and spent a couple of days roaming the parking lot, practice facility, and clubhouse area talking with anyone who would listen.

Masters Memories

Posted by Mark on April 6th, 2009

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My first year on tour, 1988, I went to the Mississippi Masters in Hattiesburg, MS instead of the real deal. I picked up Mike Nicolette in the Waffle House parking lot, spent the days caddying and watching the Masters telecast whenever possible. The caddies would gather at the motel bar, watch the tube, and share Augusta stories. Nobody wanted to be in Hattiesburg; everyone’s heart was at Augusta National. Next year, I’d be there, hopefully.

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