This prose about golf came to me when I found out a good friend was not long for this world.

It said everything I have felt about golf with an eloquence I will never know how to use-only know to appreciate.

It is a great tribute to the game that makes us mad, insanely happy, frustrated, euphoric, and optimistic about he next time we play. I hope you enjoy it like I did.


Subject: Why play Golf?


It’s the way the first tee feels, alive with possibility.

It’s that feeling, out of nowhere, that comes as you’re lining up a putt,
letting you know that all you have to do is get the ball rolling and the
hole will get in the way.

It’s the thump of a well-played bunker shot.

It’s nine holes late in the day, when the sun is sinking and the shadows are
stretching, showing every bump and roll in a golden light that makes you
stop and look around.

It’s calling your shot and pulling it off.

It’s the eighth hole at Grandfather, the third at Linville and the 14th at
Balsam Mountain , paintings with a flagstick in the middle.

It’s your Saturday morning game, with a little money on the line and no
haggling about the teams.

It’s the guys who look like they can’t play a lick then spend their days
around par, not needing swing coaches, just having a knack for getting the
ball in the hole.

It’s calling your own penalties.

It’s a kid with his bag slung over his shoulder, cap pulled low, hoofing it
down a fairway.

It’s nipping a wedge just right, having it bounce once and cozy up to the
hole the way Sergio does it.

It’s a bowl of peanuts and a cold beer at the end of the day, when stories
can be embellished, if only a little.

It’s the warm feel of a turtleneck in December, the first greening of the
grass in March, the thrill of hitting it a club longer in July and greens as
fast as the kitchen floor in October.

It’s the suntan marks left by your golf socks and shoes.

It’s Harbour Town in April, Quail Hollow in May and Pinehurst any time.

It’s having the sun behind you and catching a tee shot square, having a
moment to admire it as it’s framed against the sky.

It’s the small but sudden thrill of finding a new Titleist, even if you
already have a bagful.

It’s the clutch in your throat the first time you see St. Andrews and the
never-ending thrill of Amen Corner.

It’s the belief that the magic you’ve found in a new driver will last

It’s the scent of salt air, the faint taste of pine pollen on your lips and
the glimpse of a gator in a low country lagoon.

It’s standing over a 5-footer that doesn’t matter to anyone but you and
being thankful for the feeling.

It’s Tiger on the tee, Mickelson with a wedge in his hand, Nicklaus on the

It’s the little places with pickups in the parking lot, ragged grass, bumpy
greens, worn-out golf carts, yellow range balls and a spirit all their own.

It’s the way you practice your swing in the elevator riding down, the way
you put an overlapping grip on the rake and the way you see golf holes where
others just see fields along the highway.

It’s the way tournament golf feels, even if it’s just a little club event.

It’s the feel of new grips and the shine of new irons..

It’s playing with your father, your mother, your brother, or your daughter.

It’s listening to David Feherty, Johnny Miller and Nick Faldo explain the
game as only they can.

It’s the gentle creak of aging muscles in the evening, a good tired.

It’s a birdie at the 18th to win the press.

It’s having people who understand what’s important, whether it’s renovating
a course or reinventing a local tournament.

It’s going for a par-5 in two, trying to cut a corner and that instant when
you wonder if the shot is as good as it looks.

It’s golf.


Remember D.J. Gregory, the inspiration who walked every hole of every tournament in 2008. Here’s a an ESPN tribute to him and his walk. Take a look, it will bring tears, and put a lot of things in perspective.

There are more videos out there and inspiration to all. Google D.J. Gregory and grab a box of Kleenex.




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I’ve always been a sucker for inspirational stories, and the golf world provides some good tears once in awhile. During the last year D.J. Gregory (just google his name, you’ll get a thousand stories) was quite the story but there were others I’d like to share. While I’m developing this section I’ll try to provide some web sites you can visit to experience those “feel good” stories. They’re like a bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese on a cold winter day.

Caddy for a Cure,, is an interesting charity and the story about Kyle Lograsso,, might bring tears to your eyes. I’ll give you more information later, but for right now check out the web sites.

Opportunities to caddy for Ben Curtis and J.B. Holmes are being auctioned off at the moment. I’ve listed some Caddy for A Cure article links below, enjoy:

(This article explains the 2009 auction process)


Boo Weekley and Sgt. Andy Butterworth of the Wounded Warrior Project - Andy caddied for Boo at Hilton Head last year and Boo helps raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Caddy for a Cure is intertwined with a variety of charities, many tour players spend a lot of free time helping Russ and the cause.


While out and about last night I caught wind of a local charity event, Mark Gallagher Benefit Golf Tournament, held August 22 on Mackinac Island. I’ll have more information later.


Issue: # 21
February 13th, 2009



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100% of Charity Auction Sales
goes to:

Fanconi Anemia Research Fund
2008 Caddy Man

Wouned Warrior Project

PGA TOUR Caddie Benevolent Fund

PGA TOUR Player Charity

PGA TOUR Host Site Charity

2008 Caddy Man
(click to go to main site)

National Spokesperson
Fanconi Anemia Patient
Christian Collins

Christian Zach

Christian Furyk 1

Christian Tiger





Proscia 1




The FBR Open in Scottsdale was the recent scene of a most inspirational moment in the history of Caddy For A Cure. We were given the distinct honor of being able to provide Michael Proscia, a Wounded Warrior, the chance to escort and caddy for PGA TOUR Superstar and Ryder Cup Hero Ben Curtis.Michael and his “real” caddy for the day, the lovely Joanne Fried, enjoyed the thrill of a lifetime with the friendly and world class player from Ohio, Ben Curtis.
Proscia 2

Joanne became our second female caddy to carry the bag for a PGA TOUR player and she could not have done better. She kept pace the entire day, joking and laughing with the personable Ben, enjoying a day that dreams are made of. Joanne’s quick wit kept Ben at ease all day as seen above clowning with Ben to the delight of all.


Proscia 3

They say in Scottsdale that “they went to a party and a golf tournament broke out.” The new 16th hole was as raucus as ever, now completely surrounded with grandstands 100% around the hole. Here Joanne and Michael get a quick snapshot with Ben to the delight of screaming fans….


Fried 1

Joanne Fried represented a new type of caddy for Caddy For A Cure - the corporate client that sees the value of the experience, the multitude of charities that we assist and that wants to help. She represented U-Haul in terrific fashion and enjoyed the day immensely. If you have moving or storage needs, PLEASE use U-Haul, they “get it” and are extremely community minded in their service.

Fried 2

Blown up nine times in less than a 45 day period in Iraq, the highlight of the day had to be Michael Proscia. Using the support of a cane and wearing a boot-like walking shoe following his most recent of multiple ankle surgeries, Michael walked every step of the way with Ben and Joanne. He epitomizes a man who loves his country, heard a call, and represented his nation. Although his body has suffered much, his love of golf has not changed and Michael was able to have the thrill of his golf life on the PGA TOUR for a day.


Proscia 4

We started offering these caddy experiences to the Wounded Warrior Project veterans last year as a small way of saying thanks for their service and our freedom. Who would have ever known how inspirational it would be to us and to the many on the PGA TOUR who have met men like Andy Butterworth, Bryan Belcher, and Michael Proscia?


Proscia 5

To watch Michael stand on that 18th tee at the FBR Open telling Joanne to stand aside as he wanted to officially caddy one hole was beyond words. With a cane to keep his balance, his foot and ankle wrapped and bandaged, his love for golf overtook his pain for at least a few minutes. No longer were thoughts of pain, thoughts of explosions, thoughts of fear. Michael was there to enjoy the golf. To enjoy watching the very best in the world. He was there to take part in something that very few will ever have the chance to do.



As we begin a new year, it is only fitting that we focus this month on the impetus that started the entire Caddy For A Cure program, Christian Collins. Now our National Spokesperson, Christian is 15 years old and doing well with his health, living with his family in Macon, Georgia.It was that fateful day back in 1993 following Christian’s birth when Caddy For A Cure first met Fanconi Anemia, an inherited bone marrow disorder. We knew at that first instant that this was a disease that was not only devastating to the patient and the families that it touched, but that it also needed to be stopped. We didn’t know how or where or when, we just knew we wanted to help.


Pearl 1

The infectious smile seen above in the absolute worst of times is utterly amazing. Here is a young boy in the midst of going through a bone marrow transplant, painful and indeed serious, and he still has the unflappable spirit to smile for a picture. Caddy For A Cure has yet to meet anyone with so many odds against them, yet as happy and non-stoppable as this remarkable young man.
09 Header
Today, at 37 inches tall, Christian surpasses height standards with his incredibly warm heart, his quick smile and positive attitude. It has been our pleasure to have him come out on the PGA TOUR and befriend a number of players with his humor, warmth and charisma. To meet him and not have the experience change your life is virtually impossible.

Families around the world afflicted with Fanconi Anemia can thank Christian for bringing to light a terrible disease and for making great strides in cancer research around the world as a result of his wonderful presence.




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Boo Promo 2
Boo Promo 3








Caddy For A Cure is expanding its program in the great game of golf, utilizing the old art of caddying and the super cool opportunity to work with a celebrity for an entire round of golf.George Lopez recently found out about Caddy For A Cure and gave us an immediate ‘yes!’ Some lucky fan will have the opportunity to carry George’s bag during the Crowne Plaza Invitational Pro-Am round in Fort Worth in May. Lopez will join PGA TOUR players Tim Herron and Stewart Cink at Colonial for a once in a lifetime experience “inside the ropes.” The Colonial opportunities will follow what we expect to be a Texas grand slam the previous week with caddy opportunities for Texans Chad Campbell and Justin Leonard at the HP Byron Nelson in Irving, TX.  


Lopez 1
Who is going to be the lucky caddy in Fort Worth with one of the funniest men alive today? Who can be at the center of attention and get their head polished???
Lopez 2







Rabadam 1

Based on history, we like to jokingly say that if you are having a drought, we can fix it for you, no problem. All you have to do is have a Caddy For A Cure golf tournament and all the rain you need will come - unfortunately!

        Russ Holden PGA
            Caddy For A Cure Founder









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1The Beauty & Philosophy of Golf Even for Most Non-Golfers