Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of no wealth but many means. I’ve been around for almost 53 years, seen many a thing, and the last 20 years I’ve been caddying for a variety of PGA Tour players. My job, if you can call it that, has taken me around the U.S. on an empty tank of gas, and I’ve experienced life from the port-o-johns to five star resorts and country clubs. I’ve been out with presidents, celebrities, sports figures and corporate CEO’s but I most enjoy the time spent with the local, blue collar guy sipping a beer at the far end of a dive bar.

Born and raised in small town Havana, IL I had aspirations of major league baseball. I was good, but not that good, plus there was a matter of discipline and the “good life” kind of got in the way. My plaque sits on the wall at the Illinois State Athletic Hall of Fame;  I spent ten years playing semi-pro ball in Eau Claire, WI; and  in the early 80’s made a brief White Sox spring training appearance. Other than that it was fairly uneventful till this caddy thing came about.

In March 1988 I was stuck, going through a separation/divorce, worked a dead end job, so I met my brother in Miami. He helped me settle into the PGA Tour for what I thought would be about six months and then head back to school, the Peace Corps, or whatever. Twenty plus years later I’m alive, reasonably well off, and still caddying. It started out all fun and games, developed into somewhat of a profession, and now it’s grown somewhat tiresome.

There’s been six years on the PGA Tour, fifteen years and twenty wins on the Champions Tour with Bob Murphy, Raymond Floyd, and Doug Tewell along with a few stops on the LPGA and Nationwide Tours. There’s a myriad of memories with the travel, the golf, and the people met along the way. I’d like to share those with everyone.

Luckily, during a brief conversation at a four lane bowling alley in Mellen, WI with the Weekly-Record editor, Kaddy Korner was born. I started writing about my weekly exploits (not all of them) in June ‘05, and the locals in northern Wisconsin seemed to enjoy it. I didn’t just talk about golf, there were many other topics encountered along the way, and I tried to give a candid observation of road life. There were discussions about the people I met; the places I stayed; the watering holes I frequented; the ups and downs; and just some general recollections of life around the country.

My mailing list began to expand, picked up a few of my articles, and Brooks Donner graciously offered his TopLine Media Group services to get this all going. So, I’m trying to expand Kaddy Korner a bit, include some more topics I enjoy, and see what works.

You’ll find me on Mackinac Island this winter waiting for a caddy gig and spending my time writing. I’m not sure yet which one will win out but I’m leaning toward writing for awhile. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. I’ll try to have something new every day while I’m writing my untitled book (something like “Days and Nights on the PGA Tour: Told From the Other Side of the Bag”).

Take care and keep in touch.