Senior PGA - Colorado Golf Club

Posted by Mark on May 27th, 2010

The PGA of America chose the Colorado Golf Club for the Senior PGA less than two years after it officially opened. I’m sure there are some folks regretting that decision. The course is magnificent but a bit difficult for spectators. Someday there will be an opulent 30.000 square foot clubhouse but this week there are open receptacles, the dining area is unfinished forcing the players and families up the dusty path to a small cottage with few tables. Usually folks like to see a little grass around the clubhouse but the sod was taken back after bills went unpaid. With the high winds this week it has actually been dangerous walking around the clubhouse area. The blowing dirt and gravel permeated my old skin a few times.

Senior PGA Preparation

Posted by Mark on May 24th, 2010

It’s very frustrating leaving a tournament site when you arrive with high expectations. Birmingham held a lot of special memories, Jim had been working hard, plus his best friend and instructor were planning on a little celebration Sunday night after the win. The best I could do was laundry Sunday evening and then a long rainy drive home Monday. There were no special plans for the week off and when I left Jim he wasn’t sure if was playing the PGA the next week. Sunday afternoons are like that after a smooth 79.

Regions Charity Classic - Champions Tour

Posted by Mark on May 18th, 2010

The Regions Charity Classic played at Ross Bridge Resort and Spa used to be the Bruno’s Memorial Classic at Greystone Country Club and back then it was the strongest field with the largest galleries on the Champions Tour. These days the field is weak, the fans gather around the four or five holes surrounding the resort hotel and rarely venture out on the course, and there isn’t the buzz around Birmingham like there used to be. There were a lot of “remember when” stories about Greystone floating around the practice tee; everyone would love to go back.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Classic - Champions Tour

Posted by Mark on May 5th, 2010

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Classic was added to the schedule last December, nobody knew much about the area or the course we would be playing, Fallen Oak. All we knew was the course was about twenty miles north of the Gulf Coast in the middle of nowhere plus the local casinos were offering players and caddies special room deals. That’s usually not a good omen for some caddies but there were no reports of anyone reporting M.I.A and only a couple reported late for duty.

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