Senior PGA with Tom Watson

Posted by Mark on May 29th, 2009

You don’t get calls very often to work for legends. My buddy Todd called the week before the Senior PGA and asked if I’d like to work for Tom Watson. Neil Oxman, Ox, Tom’s odd year caddy had some health issues and couldn’t make it so Tom needed a caddy for the week. It wasn’t a done deal; Tom asked for a few names and said he would make the call. My name was in the hat; I waited impatiently for a few days then got the call.

Senior PGA Championship First Round with Tom Watson

Posted by Mark on May 22nd, 2009

First Round Senior PGA Championship

We’ve been around the course twice and feel like we’re ready. The mental preparation is over now it’s time to go out and play. I showed up at the course about 6:30 for our 8:20 time but didn’t see Tom till about forty-five minutes before tee time. Every player has his routine and Tom does a lot of stretching in the fitness trailer before hitting balls. I did all my prep work and waited on the practice tee for about a half hour. There were a lot of questions about Ox’s health, Tom’s regular caddy, and few questions about how I got the job. Players and caddies always like to know what’s going on.

Senior PGA Championship - Canterbury CC

Posted by Mark on May 21st, 2009

Senior PGA Championship – Canterbury CC

Sorry, this story should have started a few days ago but the body has been aching and I’ve spent all my time tending to my right hip, left knee, and resting as much as possible. Sitting in a chair and typing was pretty painful, I was propped up in bed with ice packs and heating pads attached to most of my lower body. The Aleve and ibuprofen are in the candy dish next to the bed; I’ve been munching them by the handful.

Going to Work for Tom Watson

Posted by Mark on May 17th, 2009

Going to Work for Tom Watson

Stoic is the first word that came to my mind. Tom Watson is a stoic champion. Eight Majors that is all you have to say. In 1992 I was standing on the eighth green at Pebble Beach and looked towards the cliff. Tom was standing at the edge surveying his domain and the sun was setting behind him, very stoic. The straw hat and hands on hips created an awesome memory, now I get to work for him, what an experience.

A Caddie’s Lament (The Players Championship)

Posted by Mark on May 10th, 2009

A Caddie’s Lament

Every caddy, excluding those top few, has one wish. They are looking for that one big tournament each year. It doesn’t have to be a win; a top five will help the bank account and keep you going a few more years. Without that one good tournament each year you lose a bit of motivation and your positive attitude dwindles. When a caddy languishes below the top twenty every week, spends a lot of time in the parking lot job hunting, and checks out of motel rooms on Fridays more often than Sundays; the job gets old.

Pulling a Club

Posted by Mark on May 7th, 2009

We do a lot of things out here, but when it comes to nut crunch time, nothing is more important. All the preparation, yardages, wind charts, elevation change readings, diagrams and scribbled notes in the yardage book mean absolutely nothing unless you can turn to your pro in a crucial situation and calmly, confidently say, “I like smooth seven iron”. Then, you better be able to back up your answer if he questions you again. You can’t waffle, you have to stick to your call. Hesitation signals uncertainty, and when you’re coming down the stretch, or really any time during a round, there is no room for indecision. It could be the perfect club but if your pro’s not sure he’s not pulling the shot off.

Quail Hollow Championship

Posted by Mark on May 5th, 2009

Hey all,

The caddies and players spent last week at the finest stop on tour, bar none. Since 2003 Kym Houghman and his staff have provided unique perks for everyone, and if another tournament comes up with something new, Kym tries to go one step further. There is valet parking for everyone, a lounge just outside the clubhouse doors for the caddies - we hate to leave the comforts - and a gift bag from the tournament. Kym even provides a courtesy car for the defending champion caddy. “Bucky”, Joey Sindelar’s caddy, had to get a license the year after they won so he could enjoy the pleasures. Seems he had lost his over the years for whatever reason.

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