Team Sports, Golf, and Jerry Kelly

Posted by Mark on April 27th, 2009

I’m not sure about anyone else but I sure got tired of all the mock NFL drafts last week. It’s a phenomenon I don’t understand and I wish someone could explain it to me. What’s all the excitement about college kids who haven’t proven a damn thing? They haven’t earned their helmet stickers yet and an entourage of cameras follows them dawn to dusk reporting every move. Guaranteed contracts, they have been the slow death of team sports.

New Orleans - Zurich Classic (a little history)

Posted by Mark on April 22nd, 2009

The night life always took its toll on a few caddies. Next to Las Vegas there were more whiffed tee times at Lakewood CC, English Turn, and now the TPC of Louisiana than any other tour stop. Luckily I had friends to stay with so I didn’t get mixed up in the debauchery, well maybe a little. It was one of the few stops guys wanted to miss the cut, the Flor-A-Bama was a couple hours away, it was always calling a wayward caddy. The little bar on the Florida-Alabama border below Pensacola has trapped many a caddy during their I-10 (caddy highway) travels.

Kaddy Korner - Hilton Head

Posted by Mark on April 21st, 2009

I’ve been writing Kaddy Korner for the Mellen Weekly Record, a small town in northern Wisconsin, since June 2006. Last week was twenty years of memories scrunched into two days; it was very bittersweet. At this point I’m not sure if I can continue writing the weekly article because I’m not caddying on the PGA Tour. There are no current stories to be told at the moment, and I’m not sure Kaddy Korner can live on memories, no one can. This may be the last weekly article but I’ll still right some stories for the blog site. I’ve put together a collection of the Best of Kaddy Korner - 2007 on, check it out if you like.    Kaddy Korner - Life and Times on the PGA Tour

Cast of Caddy Characters

Posted by Mark on April 20th, 2009

Kaddy Korner 2007 on For a unigue perspective about a year on the tour go to this link and purchase a web book for $4.95.


Most of them are all gone now. In the late 80’s the characters were still aboard the PGA Tour’s traveling circus. Convicts, conmen, de-filed lawyers, drunks, bums, shysters, hippies, rastafarians; all walks of life were carrying bags for professional golfers. Brother James, Lost Lee, Penitentiary “Work with me” Larry (he had a bunch of names), Golfball, Big Lee, ol’ Lee Lynch, Hobo, the Russian, Levi, One Armed Mikey, Dolph, Fluff, Boats, Egal; I’ll add to the list as we go on.

Masters - A Caddie’s Day at Augusta National

Posted by Mark on April 11th, 2009

Masters – A Caddie’s Day at Augusta National

Every day at Augusta is different, but they all start with a meandering walk from the parking lot behind the busy souvenir building to the caddy locker room. It feels like you are sneaking in the back door; maybe that is the plan. If you are lucky, have a house in the neighborhood, you can walk in off Berckman Road and avoid all the traffic. Augusta traffic is some of the worst on tour; paying an extra $500 a week for a house close by is definitely worth it.

Masters - Changes at Augusta

Posted by Mark on April 9th, 2009


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Masters – Changes at Augusta

I started this article about 1 o’clock because I wanted it finished before air time. During editing, copying, pasting, and critiquing there was some unfortunate deleting, definitely pilot error. Maybe the Augusta committee was looking over my shoulder and hit the delete button; my comments were not complimentary. I’ve got to blame my miscue on something else, isn’t that what every golfer does after a misplaced shot?

The Masters Ticket

Posted by Mark on April 8th, 2009

The Masters Ticket

There may not be a more revered ticket in sports. I take that back; there is not a more revered ticket in all of sports. They are passed on through wills, bickered over during divorce proceedings, and the prized possession of any scalper working the Washington Road sidewalk.  

This announcement comes directly from the official Masters web site:                  

Tournament or “Series” Badges (Thursday through Sunday) have been sold to those on our patron list which was closed due to demand in 1972. A waiting list began in 1972, and was closed in 1978. It reopened in 2000, and it too is now closed. No applications for “Series” Badges are currently being accepted.

Masters Memories

Posted by Mark on April 6th, 2009

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My first year on tour, 1988, I went to the Mississippi Masters in Hattiesburg, MS instead of the real deal. I picked up Mike Nicolette in the Waffle House parking lot, spent the days caddying and watching the Masters telecast whenever possible. The caddies would gather at the motel bar, watch the tube, and share Augusta stories. Nobody wanted to be in Hattiesburg; everyone’s heart was at Augusta National. Next year, I’d be there, hopefully.

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